As a creative digital agency focused on web design, we hear this question a lot. And we get it – a website redesign requires time, money, and resources. Your business wants to be assured that your investment will have a definite effect on your business–that the investment is worth it.

What influence will a redesign have on my business? So, here’s our answer:

While it’s tough to predict the exact ROI a redesign will generate, a brand new website (done well) will result in a host of advantages, including a boost in search engine ranking and the generation of interest from potential clients and customers. Prospects and customers will react adversely to an optimised website, and we often see a positive impact on a company’s bottom line due to the resulting factors (seen below).

Impact a redesign can have on a business

Search visibility – Improved SEO can be a meaningful advantage to a website redesign. We often see an uptick in search rankings as a result of a site refresh. Search engines like Google love new content and updated websites. Freshness is a factor in search results, and a website redesign often requires updating the content structure and mobile responsiveness. These changes can help quicken growth in search engines, which can have a clear and substantial benefit in lead generation, brand clarity and sales.

Build trust with clients and supporters – A new website shows growth and makes people see your business as viable, vibrant and relevant. Although this impact on judgment may seem soft, the change in perception will have an increase in confidence, which can directly impact lead generation, sales and competitiveness.

Accessibility and user-experience – Technology and trends develop swiftly. Websites will naturally fall out of sync with the advances in technology. Any company that launched their website in a pre-mobile-responsiveness time will understand this. A website redesign helps modernise your business website and allows it to meet the requirements and behaviours of users today. Mobile responsiveness alone can expand your potential audience, decrease bounce rate and increase customer/lead outreach.

Higher conversion rate – As you upgrade your website, your company has an opportunity to learn from the past. By studying web analytics, you can learn what content, calls-to-action and pages help drive users to a sale. Consider redesigning calls-to-action, change the presentation of value propositions, and improve the alignment of offers. With a web design project, your company has a chance to radically upgrade your conversion rate–allowing for increased leads, partnerships, sales and revenue.

The key to ensuring an impressive ROI on your website redesign is to concentrate on the characteristics customers care most about – because that is what will have the greatest impact.